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Makes you wonder what happens next.


Results from the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on non-violent protestors in Oakland.

Fuck this shit man, these cops should have their badges taken from them and they should fucking face assault charges. This is some serious bullshit.

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Dear Oakland PD,

You have probably angered many in the US Marine Corps.

An observant veteran

Dear members of the US Marine Corps,

Join us. We defend and fight for your brother, and those in the 99% - those like you.

A veteran and member of the 99% 

I still can’t believe this shit fucking happened.

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I’m impressed.

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I made millions studying the math of mortgages and bonds and helping bankers pass the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam.  

It isn’t fair that I have retired in comfort after a career working with financial instruments while people who worked as nurses, teachers, soldiers, etc. are worried about paying for their future, their healthcare, and their children’s educations.

They are the backbone of this country that allowed me to succeed.

I am willing to pay more taxes so that everyone can look forward to a secure future like I do.

I am the 1%
I stand with the 99%

(Which equals 100% of America.)

Tax me.

Bravo, well said sir. There are few old rich dudes that get my respect.

Once again, this is what the 99% is about. This man explains it perfectly.


My parents worked 70+ hours a week for 30 years and saved every penny they could. Then the economy collapsed. They will have to work until they hit 75 to get the money that Wall Street lost back

My wife and I both have full time jobs (we were lucky to get), but I can’t help the people who made my life possible because I’m one accident, illness or layoff away from living on the street.

I am the 99%


ONCE AGAIN, this is what the 99% is about.

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I’m a senior in high school in the middle-class suburbs. My mom has been laid off from FOUR different jobs this year, & my dad’s been laid off once. They’re both 60 yrs old; she works two jobs & he’s a contractor with minimal benefits (they both have PhDs from Ivy League universities). They’re downwardly mobile not only from previous generations but also from what they used to make. Her whole paycheck goes to basic health ins. and my brother’s college tuition (as he accrues debt & interest on that debt). I have a 4.0 GPA and excel in sports but can’t afford my dream school. I’m tired of my classmates caring more about Snooki & the Kardashians than they do THEIR OWN FUTURES.

I AM THE 99%



occupywallstreet.org educate yourself

This is what the 99% is about. I’m getting really tired of people saying that it’s all nonsense and everything you do is your fault. I went to a CUNY school because I wanted to save money and that worked out well for me, but not everyone wants to do that. Some people have grades they need in order to attend schools that cost more than city universities… why should they not get to go there? Because the top 1% needs 20 different cars for each of their six mansions?? THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. There is a huge gap in this country and it is a problem. Healthcare costs cripple families who can barely provide as it is, and then people have the audacity to say that the 99% is all socialist nonsense. Wake the fuck up, a lot of that socialist nonsense is the only thing keeping you out of poverty.

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A Nobel Laureate BEAUTIFULLY sums up what the Occupy protesters are mad about

I wish there was a way to sit conservatives down and make them understand this.

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Doesn’t sound much like democracy.

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By akadjian

I’m not sure how it started, but the slogan “We Are the 99%” is doing something that Democrats have failed to do and Republicans have feared for decades.


What is this?

Take a step back with me for a second and I’ll show you what Occupy Wall Street is doing that hasn’t happened over the past 30 years. And why.

In 1971,  Lewis Powell, then a member of 11 corporate boards, drafted a blueprint for the monied interests of the country represented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Powell considered the business owners of America and capitalism itself under attack.

In the Powell Memo, as it became known, he recommended that business fight back or in the words of Mr. Powell:

“The time has come … for the wisdom, ingenuity and resources of American business to be marshalled against those who would destroy it.”

I’m not going to get into if they were really under “attack,” but Powell felt like they were under attack and he convinced the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others to follow his recommendations.

I encourage you to read the Powell Memo for the full scope, but what Powell describes is a fear among businesses that the majority in our American Democracy sympathized little with businessmen and would eventually vote for a “socialist” government.

To halt what he saw as an anti-business movement, he proposed influencing the educational and political systems with a pro-business agenda.

His goal:

“To enlighten public thinking - not so much about the businessman and his individual role as about the system which he administers, and which provides the goods, services and jobs on which our country depends.”

Starting to sound familiar?

Over the past 30 years, in one form or another, we’ve seen aspects of Powell’s plan put into effect by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others creating views such as these:

  • A belief in “free” markets, laissez-faire economics, and letting the markets work
  • “Trickle down” theory (supply-side economics)
  • The idea that the private sector creates jobs

Basically, government should give to the business owners, get out of the way, reduce their taxes, and then the business owners would in turn bring wealth and prosperity to everyone.

Keep in mind the view that government should aid those at the top started out as an extremely unpopular minority view.

When your arguments start from an extreme minority position, how do you effectively market your idea and form coalitions?

The key number to get to in a Democracy is 51%.

Their answer was to change the target markets. You’re probably familiar with a few ways the monied interests have re-targeted the market:  

  1. Republicans vs. Democrats: In this target segmenting, the segments are roughly 50/50.
  2. White vs. minority: The most frequent segmenting here is black vs. white. By crafting a message that appeals to whites, you shift the target markets in your favor by roughly 88 / 12 %
  3. Straight vs. gay: Don’t know exact numbers, but it’s clear who’s in the minority.
  4. Religious vs. non-religious: According to a 2008 survey, only 15% claim no religious affiliation. Target the religious.

Look at the recent fight in states like Wisconsin and Ohio.

Governors like Kasich and Walker have introduced legislation to break the strength of public unions and limit their freedom to bargain so that management is effectively in control of decisions.

This was not a popular viewpoint. It is, in fact, a viewpoint of the 1% and originally had large majorities against it.

So what did they do?

They reframed the debate to divide the market differently. They reframed the fight as unions vs. taxpayers.

Because union members represent a minority (about 15% of the workforce in Ohio), you claim to be fighting for a majority, the taxpayers.

This is how conservatives fight when they have unpopular arguments.

The False Divide

A joke making the rounds on the Internet goes like this:

There’s a plate of 12 cookies sittng on a table. The rich take 11 cookies leaving only 1 cookie left on the plate. They then turn to the Tea Party and say ‘Those unions are trying to take your cookie.’

This works about equally well with Republicans vs. Democrats.

It’s why Republicans versus Democrats is largely a false divide. The monied interests would rather have us arguing Republican vs. Democrat (50/50 split) than Rich vs. Everyone Else (1/99 split).

Democrats represent the U.S. Chamber of Commerce almost as well as Republicans. Don’t forget that Glass-Steagall was repealed under President Bill Clinton.

Democrats simply play the game differently. Rather than trying to purposefully divide the electorate to play the statistical odds, Democrats try to appeal to a majority with a populist message.

The trouble is that this populist message gets undercut frequently once they’re in office.

A great example of this is the Affordable Care Act enacted by President Obama and the Democratic (at the time) majority Congress.

Rather than implement a single-payer plan or a plan that included a public option, Democrats put forward a plan that keeps health care in the hands of the health care industry.

Note that the idea of mandating health care insurance was originally proposed by Stuart Butler of The Heritage Foundation. That is, it was a corporate-approved plan.

Also observe the failure of the Democratic Party to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Note the strong opposition from corporate-backed organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and The Heritage Foundation.

Because of this conflict, Democrats constantly undermine their brand. During elections, they market to the 99%, but then often work towards the interests of the 1%.

No wonder the voting public is cynical.

Without a strong brand, Democrats win mostly in the face of strong reaction to the opposition party - 1992 and 2008 being the two most recent examples.

The Importance of “99%”

The rich vs. the rest of us is the fight the 1% fear most. So why have we been so unwilling to fight this fight?

Three reasons:

  1. Democratic unwillingness to offend potential major donors
  2. The emergence of the Tea Party which focused much of the anti-establishment anger on government itself (rather than on those who actually caused the financial crisis)
  3. An effective counter strategy which claims any attempt to make the rich pay their fair share is “class warfare”

By claiming the 99% mantle, Occupy Wall Street is finally target segmenting the market effectively.

As hard as this may be to believe, the 99% message may encourage some non-traditional (for Democrats anyways) allies who share the same frustrations: members of the Tea Party, small business owners, and members of the Republican party who may be dissatisfied with their party’s lack of new ideas for dealing with the economy.

“We are the 99%” is a fight we should not back away from despite the attempts (and you know more are coming) to divide the electorate differently to keep those in power in power.

And to keep our government focused on the needs of the 1%.

Remember these “false divides” and the desired target segmenting (hint: 99/1%).

It helps you determine who you want to win over and who to fight. Think about that the next time you’re considering calling someone a “teabagger” or arguing among any of the numerous false divides.

Is that who your fight is really with?

Are they in the 99% target market or not? Occupy Wall Street so far has picked the right fight. Let’s continue to follow their model.

Originally posted to akadjian on Mon Oct 10, 2011 at 03:57 AM PDT. Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.



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well that’s heartening

 what a nice person

I think I’m in love.

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Mark Meckler (Tea Party Patriots co-founder): They’re not law-abiding citizens. They’re camping in a park where camping isn’t allowed. They’re breaking the laws on the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s not Tea Party behavior. 

Jon Stewart: Everything you described there I believe is a misdemeanor. The actual Tea Party was a fucking felony. Do you know who the Tea Party actually was? Do you know how much trouble you’d get in if you broke into a ship, stole the cargo from the ship’s owners and just threw it overboard? Not to mention the EPA fines and the damage it would do to your Indian costume? The Tea Party namesake - you’re named after the most celebrated act of theft and vandalism of private property in our nation’s history! And you can’t stomach a little park camping?

can’t wait for the occupy v. tea party death match tbh

Annnnnnnnd Jon Stewart for the win, once again.

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The Smile of Hope

This is a picture of a little 13-year-old girl arrested during the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The picture tells us something very important, with brutal clarity. When the police are out on the streets arresting 13-year-old kids for peacefully protesting political issues then we know beyond argument something is terminally rotten in America.

It tells us that there is hope too, though. The spark of freedom that flickered in the middle-east during the Arab Spring is being re-ignited all over in America. People are waking up from the long, bad dream. They are seeing the lies and exploitation and hypocrisy all around them and saying ‘Enough’.

The battles to be fought are formidable, the forces ranged against us are frightening, but now at least we have hope that a better America, and a better world, is possible. 


JP Morgan has also made a massive, $4.6 million dollar donation to the NYPD today. Such a strange coincidence. http://theelitist.net/nypd-receives-jp-morgan-donation-mass-arrest-of-protesters-at-occupywallstreet

Thanks to reddit user emptyhunter

I love how her smile is all like

“idgaf bruh.”

this girl is braver than i could ever be

that girl has guts and an awesome hat.

Oh NYPD, arresting small children now? How honorable!!

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Hopefully the government won’t block this one too. More footage of those classy NYPD officers violently taking people down. What’s astonishing is the amount of people on the bridge… quite impressive.




#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is a people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy … join us! We’re now in DAY 12.

So this is like a legitimate movement now? I’m just curious, what exactly are we standing up against? The “corrupt” meaning who precisely? Are we talking solely about Wall Street? Corporations in general? Are we talking about the Tea Party? The GOP? All of it?

I’m just trying to get a feel for where this movement is going… I’m interested and I’ll certainly show support as long as it’s non-violent and actually stands for something.

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